Events coming soon with @anagrians

Starting from September 2022
Starting from September 2022
A regular group. Online
Somatic practice. 2-3 times a week 30-35 min each.
I will be facilitating it in English. Details
Sat + Sun (dates vary)

Sat + Sun (dates vary)

Meeting. Body. Listening. Resourse

This series of meetings - to be taken to different places in Europe too.
Do you have a group? - invite me ;)
Do you want to join? - Subscribe to be invited
1-to-1 online
Body, somatic practice, therapy, sessions
Українською/in English
50 min=€50. Apply for a session online
At the moment I work 1to1 only online. You can anyway send a request. I will inform you when I appear in that or another place. And invite you.
#заботьтесьосебе #alivebodymind #мойкабинетнаколесах #мойдомнаколесах

Волшебного Вам дня, настроения, сил и радости на все, что Вам сейчас хочется!